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For Drive Through Service
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To kick us off with the Drive Thru Butcher, we have decided to get back to the basics. There are plenty of other options available that will be added in the coming weeks. We would like to test the waters of this fantastic service and to ensure we do not bite off more than we can chew, we have decided to start minimally. Going forward, we hope to be able to make ALL af the Cowshed / Ketobutcher products available for this service. Feel free to ask us for more options when calling... and don't forget the Lamb Tuckerbags!

Back To Basics Bulk Packs

Lock Down Pack


1kg Diced Beef
1kg Chicken Breast Fillet
1kg Mince
1kg Scotch Fillet
1kg Chicken Schnitzels
1kg Bbq Sausages
1 Whole Chicken

Keto Pack


1kg Mince
1kg Chicken Fillets
500g Bacon
4 Gourmet Filled Chicken Breasts
1 Whole Chicken

Panic Button


1kg Mince
1kg Chicken Fillets
1kg Bbq Sausages

General Stock

All Products Not Available At All Times

Beef Cuts

Minimum 1kg Prices / kg

  • Scotch Fillet - $49 

  • Sirloin - $39    

  • Rump - $29

  • Eye Fillet - $59

  • Diced Beef - $19

  • Mince - $19 /kg

  • Bbq Sausages $16



Breast - $17
Thigh - $17
Wings - $7
Drumsticks - $7
Whole Bird - $12
Marinated Nibblets $7

Bulk Purchase /kg Prices

Whole Primals

Whole Scotch $40/kg
Whole Sirloin $30/kg
Whole Eye Fillet $50/kg
4kg (Max) Mince $16/kg
4kg (Max) Chicken Fiillet $14/kg
Chickens x 5  (Max) $55, (minimum 1.7kg each)