Pensylvanian Breakfast Sausage

Pensylvanian Breakfast Sausage

From the heart of the Southern States of American, this slightly altered recipe is worth more than its weight in gold. It's awesome Pork and Herb flavour combined with the fact that it is Gluten Free & Preservative Free, contains very little carbs ( .5g / Sausage)

and its high fat content (31g) ensures that you get plenty of BANGER for you Buck.


5 or more SAVE .50c / Sausage

  • Nutritional Information

    0g Net Carbs (Actually .2 g per Sausage)

    1g Total Carbs (Actually .5g per Sausage)

    0g Fibre

    31g Fat

    22g Protein

    380 Calories

    0 Glycemic 


    We guarantee our product freshness and offer replacement as well as a full refund in the event that our produce is not up to our stringent standards.


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