Popcorn Sauce

Popcorn Sauce

An amazing addition to any meal. Especially good on chicken and salmon,and an absolute must on your eggs with bacon. Use this sauce to juice up your brocolli or make your cauliflower sing. 

  • Nutritional Information

    1 Tub contains 2 serves. The following is per serve.

    1g Net Carbs

    2g Total Carbs

    0g Fiber

    19g Fat

    2g Protein

    179 Calories

    1 Glycemic

  • Cooking Instuctions

    Simply pop the lid, leave it sitting loosly in place. 

    Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for a further 20 seconds.



    We guarantee our product freshness and offer replacement as well as a full refund in the event that our produce is not up to our stringent standards.


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