Weeks Worth Pack

Weeks Worth Pack

The "September Pack" will give awesome variety to your weekly meal planning with breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted. Add some treats from Gold Coast Keto and you are set!  

Pack Includes

1 Ketonic Chook - Great for pre made lunches

1 Pork CraKetoa - My favorite Keto dish of all

1 Salmon Portion - Get some fish into that diet

1 Filled Chicken Breast - Pick your favourite and add it to notes when ordering

2 Keto Sausages - Gluten and preservative free pork based snags

1 Butter Aged Scotch Fillet Steak - The name says it all

500g Oak Smoked Bacon - Nitrate free and super popular

1 Carton Eggs - Free range, gluten and hormone free

2 Popcorn Sauce - One of the most versatile sauces you can get. Goes on chicken, pork, eggs, fish, steak, cold on salad as an awsome dressing ......

ALL Keto Friendly and Super Low Carb



    We guarantee our product freshness and offer replacement as well as a full refund in the event that our produce is not up to our stringent standards.