Whole Lamb $15/kg - Deposit

This is where you can purchase one of our whole Lambs. The Lamb is broken down giving you every little bit, bulk trayed allowing you to be able to select and mix how you package it at home. You recive every part of the dressed product. Neck Chops, Forequarter Chops, 2x Lamb Shanks, Loin Chops, French Trimmed Cutlets, 2 x mini Rump Roasts, and 2 x Leg Roasts(one of which is traditional and one of which is Boneless), you also recieve all 88of the left over trim and bones for your (or a friends) pets! .....ALSO, 2 Bonus Lamb Tuckerbags, because you havn't had a Lamb Tuckerbag, if you've never had "The Cowshed Lamb Tuckerbag!"


Our #1 top quality lambs range for 17kg to 20 kg and are an absolute steal at the $15/ kg price tag. Once your order has been placed here online, you will be required to place the $100 deposit, securing your lamb for the next available date. The remainder of the payment will be due on pickup.

(If you are after a different size or age, please contact us on 0755933988 for a quote)


    August Pickup Dates

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