Whole or Half Pork $10/Kg (Average weight 58kg) - Deposit

Whole or Half Pork $10/Kg (Average weight 58kg) - Deposit

Whole pork cut up and ready for you to portion pack and freeze. All cuts will come packed on large bulk trays and separated by type of cut.

From the shoulder you receive:

2 Boneless Shoulder Roasts 

Pork Shoulder Chops.

From the loin you will receive:

Pork Loin chops, Pork Cutlets, Pork Belly either in strips or whole, and a couple of racks of ribs.

From the legs, it's all roasts unless of course, you would like us to turn one leg into some pork sausages.

All leftover trims will be used for pork mince or sausages. The bones and any scrap is also yours to pass on to your furball. So simple, place a deposit to secure your Pig, then call us to discuss the cut selection you would like.