Savoury Pork Sirloin Roast

You’ve never had a pork roast this good!

G’day Shedatarians! We’ve got a special recipe in store this week on our culinary adventures!

It all starts with an amazing Pork Sirloin roast from the Shed. This one is really straight forward, but will require some prep steps before cooking and eating, but it’ll be WELL worth it!

We’re going to cook this bad boy to medium-rare, and while that might scare some, it’s completely safe to do so, and the best way to experience the juicy flavour of this awesome Australian Pork!





  1. If your Sirloin has any silverskin or visible fat cap, you’ll want to go ahead and trim it off using a sharp boning knife 

  2. Using crushed rock salt, generously coat all sides of the sirloin including both ends and roll the roast up tightly in cling wrap. (Oversized cling wrap works best) 

  3. Place in a large bowl or on a plate inside the refrigerator for a minimum 24 hours
    This process is known as Dry-Brining.


Ideally - the Dry brine calculation is 1 & a bit teaspoons of rock salt per kilo of meat (half as much for table salt).

24 hours is ideal for a roast like this - 12 hours if you're in a pinch, 48 hours if you don’t have to rush.    


So let's get to cookin’ this hunk of pork! Pork pairs well with sweet smokey flavours of cherry/pecan/apple wood smoke, in a BBQ/Smoker but it will be equally as good cooking in the oven. We’re going to be cooking slowly to allow maximum flavour!


Serves 4 - 6   
Prep time: 20 minutes    
Dry Brine: 12-24 hours
Cook time: 3-4 hours.

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  1. Slice your blanched garlic in half from top to bottom about (1cm wide 2cm high)

  2. Remove the pork from the fridge and discard cling wrap

  3. Using a thin knife, poke 1cm slits in towards the center of the meat. Use a grid pattern, 2 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 2 … e.g. 2 slits on the edges, then 1 in the middle, then 2 on the edges, repeat, working down the length of the roast, staying 2-3cm apart. 

  4. Insert the blanched Garlic Cloves into the slits one by one, pushing them into the center of the roast until all slits have garlic inside.

  5. Baste the roast with the Carolina BBQ Sauce, all sides and both ends.

  6. Sprinkle a generous amount of the BBQ rub onto the roast, again, covering all sides and both ends - sitting on a cooking rack is good, cause the sauce won’t stick as much to the wire mesh - Allow 30 minutes setup at room temp on a cool day to ‘marinate’ (if it’s a hot day, stick it back in the fridge and remove 10 minutes prior to cooking) 

  7. Preheat your Oven or BBQ/Smoker to 110 degrees celsius. Put in your smoking wood if using an outdoor cooker.

  8. Place the roast into the Oven or BBQ and allow it to roast, insert your meat thermometer into the middle of the middle of the roast.

  1. Slow roast for 2-3 hours until Internal Temperature hits 55 degrees celsius

  2. Baste the outside of the roast one more time, all sides and both ends with the Carolina BBQ sauce

  3. Increase the Oven/BBQ/Smoker temp right up to 210 degrees celsius to bake that roast. 

  4. Cook for another 30-45 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches 60 degrees celsius, but you can go up to 65 degrees if you want a little more medium than medium rare.

  5. Remove the roast and transfer to a warm plate/dish and loosely tent with foil and rest for 20-30 minutes

  6. Steam some seasonal vegetables to go along with this, I like Broccolini and carrots and a few green beans, or peas, and a baked in half sweet potato with some cinnamon sugar.

  7. Slice thick or thin, or somewhere in between, dip the slices into the pan juices and Enjoy!

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