Smoked Boerewors & Chakalaka
by @mattson.bbq

(South Africian Sausage Hotpot)

G’day Shedatarians, with the winter season now in full effect, cold evenings are a norm for the next little while, so what better way to combat winter blues with a hearty hotpot! Using awesome ingredients like the Cowshed Boerewors, and a medley of capsicum, onions, garlic, chilli and ginger, you really can’t go past this combination!


● 1 Cowshed Boerewors
● 1 Can of Baked Beans
● ½ Red Onion (Diced)
● 3 Garlic Cloves (Crushed)
● Green Chilli (Deseeded for less spicy)
● ½ Green Capsicum (Deseeded/Diced)
● ½ Red Capsicum (Deseeded/Diced)
● 1 Carrot (shredded)
● 1 Tomato (diced)
● 1 tbsp Tomato Paste
● 1 tbsp Chilli Paste
● 1 tbsp SmokeyQ BBQ Rub
● 2 tsp Curry Powder
● 2 tsp Ginger Powder or 1 tbsp fresh ginger
● ½ tsp Lemon Juice .
● Cowshed Pure AF Tallow (or Olive Oil)
● Salt & Pepper (to taste)


1. Preheat an oven or hooded BBQ/Smoker to 125 C or 250 F

2. Brush some warm tallow or olive oil on the Boerewors and slow-cook for 40 minutes. (I like to slightly uncoil it so it gets heat on all sides in the beginning, it will pull tight again as it cooks)

Whilst this cooks let’s get this Chakalaka started…

1. Heat a high wall pan or pot over your desired heat source to medium heat
2. Heat some tallow or olive oil in the pan until shimmering/gentle smoke

3. Sauteé diced onion until translucent (2-3 minutes)

4. Add Garlic & Green Chilli, followed by both capsicums, cook until soft (another 3-5 minutes) stirring regularly.

5. Add ginger powder or fresh ginger and cook through

6. Add curry powder and BBQ Rub, followed by chilli paste and stir through

7. Add shredded carrot, tomato paste and diced tomato and combine.

8. Add Lemon juice and test for taste, add cracked pepper and salt to taste. 9. Reduce heat and add baked beans. Simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking Can be served Hot, warm or cold, it’s good either way!

Now the Boerewors has had time to cook through, it’s time to give it a quick sear to finish it off nicely!

1. Remove Boerewors from Oven or BBQ/Smoker and set aside wrapped in foil temporarily.

2. Heat a large fry pan to high heat OR

3. Heat BBQ Grill plate to high

4. Sear Approximately 2 minutes and flip, do the same on the other side, trying to keep the coil together.

5. Remove from heat, slice and serve with a couple of scoops of the chakalaka, and a slice of toast. A little Coriander doesn’t hurt as a garnish, unless you’re averse to the stuff... then leave it out!

Serves 4   Prep time: 15 minutes   Cook time: 60 minutes   Difficulty level - Easy